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This site helps doctors to organize their patient details online, take suggests from this list he can save there time. And we provided him a good platform to show his skills.
Lets us create a healthy group. Where doctors are easily share tips and tricks to the Online doctors list, medicine and other document related to health to create a healthy and informative group for common man.


This site gives your facility to search best doctors in your locality, and take appointment from them online. This will save valuable time of both doctors and patients and provide to  the patients a specialist doctors list in India.
Patient can print duplicate prescription slip at any time by typing their patient number and patient can share prescription slip with other doctors also for second opinion.
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My Goals

We are creating a large community with lots of doctors.In this community we add lots of health tips related content to aware common man with health related issue.
In this community patient can show his/her prescription to any other doctors free of cost for second opinion. Patient can rate a doctors for is work this will help other patient to choose right doctors.