Health Benefits for Capsicum


Vitamins and minerals of Capsicum

• Capsicum contains small levels of health benefiting an alkaloid compound capsaicin.

• Capsicum are rich source of vitamin-C. Vitamin-C is a potent water soluble antioxidant.

• Capsicum contains good levels of vitamin-A. it contains anti-oxidant flavonoids such as α and β carotenes, lutein, zea-xanthin, and cryptoxanthin.

• Capsicum contains good levels of essential minerals, like as iron, copper, zinc, potassium, manganese, magnesium, and selenium.

• Capsicum (sweet pepper) is also good in B-complex group of vitamins such as niacin, pyridoxine (vitamin B-6), riboflavin, and thiamin (vitamin B-1).

Health Benefits for Capsicum

Cancer prevention Capsicum has the ability to starve cancer cells and thereby kill them.Capsicum contains compounds known as capsaicins that prevent carcinogen from binding with DNA and provide some protection from cancer.Eating capsicum can provide some protection from cancer.

Immunity system Capsicum is rich in Vitamin C and this stimulates the white cells to fight infection. This leads to strengthening of the body’s immune system.Maintaining a healthy immune system and for building strong collagen to support skin and joints.

Pain Relief The compound capsaicin has anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, analgesic and anti-diabetic properties.Capsaicins also block the transmission of pain from the skin to the spinal cord and prevents the sensation of pain. It’s helpful in treating pain-related diseases.

Reduces more calories Capsicum regulates blood pressure and lowers cholesterol and triglyceride in the body. This helps in burning calories and keeping cholesterol in control. Therefore, weight gain from a high-fat diet is reduced. Capsicum also prevents indigestion by causing the secretion of digestive juices.

Uses Of Capsicum

• Eating capsicum speeds up the metabolism and helps burn more calories.

• Vitamin C found in Capsicum to prevent clotting of blood.

• It prevents hairfall and helps you maintain thicker and fuller hair.

• Vitamin C and flavonoids present in capsicum also prevents respiratory problems like lung infections, asthma, emphysema and wheezing.


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