Health Benefits for Jamun (Black Plum)


Beauty Benefits

For pimples
Rub jamun seeds on a hard surface with water- in a way you do it with sandalwood in temples. Apply this paste on your face to get rid of pimples.

Treats acne
Jamun seeds are the best remedy to treat acne. For this, grind some dry jamun seeds and add some cow milk to it. Mix it well. Apply this paste on your pimples before going to bed. Wash it off the next morning.

Treats oily skin
Jamun can also work wonders for people with oily skin, beause of its astringent properties. Prepare a face mask using jamun pulp, barley flour, amla juice and rose water. Apply this pack evenly on your face and rinse it off once it dries off. A regular application of it will control your skin’s oil secretion levels.

Lightens dark spots
Mix jamun seed powder, lemon powder and gram flour (besan). Add a few drops of almond oil and rose water to this dry mixture. Make a paste out of it. Apply it on your face, and let it stay till it dries off completely. Wash it off with cold water.

Health Benefits for Jamun

Improves immunity and bone strength
The fruit also has healthy amount of nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium and Vitamin C making it great for your body’s immunity and bone strength. Besides jamun, you can eat these foods to improve your immunity without spending too much.

Soucre of Iron
Jamun is a rich source of iron. It is this iron content which purifies your blood, thereby keeping your skin clean and beautiful. Also, the iron in it helps in increasing the haemoglobin.

Treats diabetes
Jamun seeds (dried and powdered) contain a glucose called jamboline, which has the ability to control the conversion of starch into sugar. It is also helps in reducing the quantity of sugar in urine. A diabetic patient should have 1 teaspoon of this powder twice in a day (morning and evening).

Cures indigestion
It is used to treat digestive disorders, including diarrhoea, dysentery and dyspepsia. If you experience digestive problems, then you should drink jamun juice, or have jamun pulp mixed with curd.

Cures spongy gums and bad breath
Jamun leaves have anti-bacterial properties and are used for making medicines for strengthening of the teeth and gums. Ash of jamun leaves (powder obtained after drying and burning them) mixed with an equal amount of ash of hard almond shell makes an excellent manjan. Its regular use strengthens teeth by checking gum infection and bleeding. A little peppermint added to this manjan can cure bad breath as well.



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