Health Benefits of Fenugreek seeds

34A METHI (Fenugreek)

Vitamins and minerals of Fenugreek seeds

• Fenugreek seeds are rich source of minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and soluble dietary fiber.

• Fenugreek seeds rich in many vitamins that are, thiamin, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, and vitamin-C.

• Fenugreek seeds is an excellent source of minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, manganese, and magnesium.

• Non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) which constitute major fiber content in the fenugreeks include saponins, hemicellulose, mucilage, tannin, pectin and amino-acid 4-hydroxy isoleucine present in the fenugreek seeds.

• The seeds contain many phytochemical compounds such as choline, trigonelline diosgenin, yamogenin, gitogenin, tigogenin and neotigogens.

Health Benefits of Fenugreek seeds

Prevents Constipation Non-starch polysaccharides which constitute major fiber content in the fenugreeks. NSPs assist in smooth digestion and help relieve constipation ailments. It releases mucilage, which creates a protective layer for gut and bowels, and lowers indigestion and gastric problems. It helps prevent constipation as well as digestive problems created by stomach ulcers.NSPs (non-starch polysaccharides) increase the bulk of the food and augment bowel movements.

Help in diabetes Fenugreek also contains amino acid responsible for inducing the production of insulin. Fiber in the seeds helps lower rate of glucose absorption in the intestines thus controls blood sugar levels. Type 1 and 2, can benefit from fenugreek seeds as they can help lower the blood sugar levels. Fenugreek is beneficial for people with diabetes.

Reduce cancer risk Fiber content in fenugreek seed, they include spooning, hemicelluloses, mucilage, tannin, and pectin. These compounds help lower blood LDL-cholesterol levels by inhibiting bile salts re-absorption in the colon. Colon cancer may be prevented by consumption. The mucus membrane of the colon is protected through this, therefore reducing the possibilities of cancer.

Help in respiratory The soothing effect of mucilage in fenugreek helpful for treating respiratory conditions, including bronchitis and coughs. Fenugreek when taken with a teaspoon of lemon and honey can work wonders to reduce fever by nourishing the body.

Women Health Fenugreek is advantageous for women while pregnant and is really a source of iron.Diosgenin contained in fenugreek seeds helps to increase milk production in lactating mothers. Fenugreek is known to relieve menstrual cramps, hot flushes, discomfort and moodiness due to its calming effect on the hormonal system. The estrogen-like property of fenugreek can help in breast enlargement by balancing hormones in women.

Reduces Hair problem Fenugreek contains a large amount of lecithin which is a natural emollient and moisturizer. Fenugreek seeds are a great source of protein and nicotinic acid, which assists in cutting thinning hair and baldness down. Massaging your head everyday with boiled fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in coconut oil can be an excellent remedy for thinning of hair and hair fall. When applied it helps in reducing dandruff and functions like a conditioner, when you make a paste of the leaves.

For Skin tips Washing your face with water boiled with fenugreek seeds or applying a paste of fresh fenugreek leaves for twenty minutes on your face can work wonders for your skin.

Uses of fenugreek seeds

• fenugreek seeds reduces lower cholesterol level.

• Fenugreek is anti-inflammatory, it is useful and effective treatment of skin problems like burns, boils, eczema, etc.

• Fenugreek seeds help in formation of blood cells, good for anemia people.

• Fenugreek seeds help in relieving gastrointestinal inflammations like acid reflux and heartburn.

• Fenugreek seeds are full of fiber, can swell and fill the stomach thereby suppressing your appetite.

• Fenugreek can be used in face packs to help prevent blackheads, pimples, wrinkles, etc.


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