Home Remedies For Cataract

Home Remedies For Cataract
Cataract is a common disease of eyes. Cataracts usually have an effect on both eyes, but mostly at all times one eye gets affected earlier than the other. In this disease, eyes lenses become unclear, as a result obstructing the entrance of light into the eye. Cataracts normally develop gradually to cause vision loss and in case not treated in time it result in potentially blinding.
Here are we telling about some natural ingredient that could help you most to heal cataract and also to take care of your eyes against cataract.


Garlic Cloves
Consume 2-3 cloves of garlic daily. It helps you by cleansing your lens. Just try it and see its miracle.

Raw Vegetables
It goes without saying that how vegetables in their raw form helpful for your eyes health. Raw vegetables have nutrients, especially vitamin A that acts as a medicine for the eyes, revitalizing its health greatly. You may take salad with lemon juice and olive oil sprinkled onto it in your regular diet. You may also have fresh juices of the raw vegetables for the benefit of your eye health. Always take vegetables after washing them completely so as to avoid other diseases.

Spinach is found to have capability to reverse the effects of cataract and thus revitalizing your eye health. Spinach is found loaded with full of beta carotene and antioxidants. Need we say more as to why spinach has to be included in your daily diet? So, consume spinach on a daily basis in order to avoid formation of cataract in the eyes.

Milk and Almonds
Mostly, people suffering from cataract have eyes that continue irritated and red. It’s a serious problem to take care of. In order to remove this irritation just try this remedy made with almonds and milk. Remember for this purpose, never use unadulterated milk. Otherwise take help of some other remedy.
Soak a few almonds overnight in the milk so that the nutrients in it make a way into the milk and brace it. Then, apply the milk drops on the eyelids in the morning. It will help you to reduce the redness of your eyes and also its general irritation too.

Green Tea
The antioxidants there in green tea could bring a new surge of life of your eyes. Thus, green tea is an admirable ingredient for our general eye health and many other problems related to vision. Generally, green tea can be taken 3-4 times daily to have its full benefit. But take it in a proper dose by consulting your doctor. Green tea could also be taken as supplements.

Berries are found capable enough to heal a number of life frightening diseases. Although cataract could not be said to be life threatening, yet it could make life bothersome. The haziness of vision could be removed by the help of bilberry. Also, bilberries are found to be rich in anthocyanosides. These flavonoids shield the lens and retina of the eyes from the damage rooted by oxidation.

Papain is an enzyme which is found in papayas. It is said to be helpful in protein digestion. It has been seen that numerous patients suffering from cataract have complexity in digesting protein in the body cell. This undigested protein may cloud the lens of the eyes and lead to relentless cataract formations.
If you are suffering from cataract, you may have papain as a supplement also so as to avoid further incidents of cataract. It could work effectively.

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