Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Home Remedies For Hair Growth
There are no shortcuts to growing luscious, long locks. At average, hair grows about a half an inch per month. Your general health, well-being, and genetic factors affect your rate of hair growth. Many women, and even some men, enjoy having long hair. there are many incredible style options and nothing seems better than long, healthy hair. In addition to that, many men and women have to face deal with hair loss issues. These individuals need a way to grow their hair out quickly so that they could overcome this frustrating problem. In this article, numerous home remedies are mentioned that can help you to encourage the natural hair growth.
You can encourage hair growth by following a good diet and proper hair care. Certain herbs can also help make your hair grow faster.
A Good Diet
Vitamin A, E, and C are good for smooth, silky hair. Having a good diet is important for many reasons as it keeps your hair healthy and healthy hair always grows. It also appears thicker and fuller, giving it the look of long hair. A good diet consists of nuts, whole grains, yogurts, broccoli, carrots, and many other types of fruit are much helpful for hair growth. Eating unhealthy foods may give both your skin and hair unhealthy oils that damage it. If you change your diet and follow above mentioned diet beneficial for hair growth, you must see some positive results with in short time..

Onion juice has Sulphur which boosts the production of collagen tissues. These tissues assist in regrowth of your hair. First, you shall need red onions. Take two to four red onions. Grate the onions and make juice out of it. Massage your scalp with this fresh onion juice. Let it be there for, preferably, one hour. If not, leave it there at least for 15 minutes. Now wash off your hair with a mild shampoo and water.

Hot Oil Massage
When you oil your hair, you are giving it the nutrients and vitamins that it needs. It also gives it a great shine whenever it is used. Use oils like coconut oil, castor oil, and even olive oil can work on some kind of hair. Gently rub your fingers on your scalp in a circular motion for three to five minutes.
This will help to nourish your hair and strengthen it. In turn, your hair will begin to grow at a much faster rate because of these oil massage.

Take three potatoes and extract Juice of it through juicer, you must add 1 egg yolk, a little bit of water, and a teaspoon of honey to it. Take this mixture and apply it to damp hair. Wait for 30 minute, wash it out gently with warm water. It is better to undergo this treatment once a week for a number of months. This is one of the most effective home remedy and it is quite easy to do. Just see its positive result after a few weeks of using this method.

Green Tea
Green tea is well known for its high content of antioxidants and the substances required for healthy and strong hair. These antioxidants prevent hair loss and boost hair growth. Apply warm green tea all over your scalp and leave it for an hour. Rinse off your hair with cool water.

Massage (overnight ) castor Oil
Being rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, especially Omega-9 fatty acids, castor oil promotes hair growth naturally. Applying castor oil on your hair can have astonishing and wonderful effects. It’s all simple, just massage your hair with castor oil before you go to bed and leave it overnight, then next morning, wash and condition your hair as usual. Do this treatment once or twice a week for a couple of weeks and you will get astonished by the amazing difference in the health of your hair. It works wonderfully for hair growth.

Mustard Oil
Massage the scalp gently with your fingertips. Avoid using nails during massage as the sharp edges of the nails can hurt the hair roots. Mustard is an excellent hydrating element that gives your hair natural bounce and shine along with natural moisture. Regular use of mustard oil will surely give you long and beautiful hair.

Coconut Milk
This is the most effective hair growth treatment. Coconut milk is rich in proteins, iron, potassium and essential fats. It reduces hair fall and breakage. Extract the milk of a coconut , Apply it on the targeted areas and Keep it overnight. Rinse off with cool water the next day.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera incites hair growth and stops hair loss. It also reduces dandruff and helps restore your hair’s natural shine. Take aloe vera juice on regularly.
Apply fresh aloe vera gel mixed with some lemon juice on your hair and leave it for about 20 minutes. Shampoo your hair. Do this once every week or every two week. You can also use aloe vera gel with equal amount of coconut milk and wheat germ oil and then apply it on your hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has also been much beneficial for your hair. It stimulates the hair follicles and help them grow faster and also maintains the pH balance of hair which accelerates their growth. You just have to use this vinegar as an after-wash and then rinse. Add apple cider vinegar with water and use it as a final rinse for your hair whenever you shampoo your hair. Though it has a mild smell but it doesn’t bother anyone too much, yet if you want your hair smell good, just add a few drops of some fragrance oil (such as lavender oil) to your mixture of water and vinegar.

Use Fenugreek
Fenugreek has been used for the treatment of hair fall since ages. Even it can be used to incite hair growth. Keep on using this daily for at a month to see your hair gaining strength and volume. Soak the fenugreek seeds in the water for 24 hours. Strain and use the water to rinse hair. Do not immediately wash your hair with normal water. Let this water be there for at least 3 hours. After 3 hours, wash your hair with lukewarm water (not hot water).

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