Home Remedies For Improve Eyesight

Home Remedies For Improve Eyesight
There could be many reasons behind weak eyesight problem; out of those the most common are uneven lifestyle, watching TV for long period without blinking, working on computer for long hours, less nutrition diets, hereditary disorder etc. When we suffer from poor eyesight, our normal daily life is hampered to a great extent. Despite the fact that medicinal intervention and ophthalmic help are there to cure our vision, eyesight needs to be maintained and kept healthy by pursuing the right diet and by some extra care to eyes. Nowadays, we see many children suffering from eye problems at an early age. It is well observed that various nutrients like vitamin C, omega 3, fatty acids as well as antioxidants and minerals are essential to maintain the health of our eyes. It is found that green and leafy vegetables play a vital role in respect of healthy eyesight. Spinach, Carrots and Broccoli are specially prescribed food items that can help to ensure healthy eyes. There are also some other food groups which contain the vital nutrients for our healthy eyesight. These are :-


Almond and Fennel Seeds
Almonds and fennel seeds are the key ingredients to improve our eyesight. You may try this remedial mixture to improve your eyesight. Take equal amount of almond, large fennel (fennel seeds) and sugar (Kuja mishri) and grind them to make their fine powder. Take 10 gram of this remedial mixture with 250 ml of milk at every night before you go to sleep. Use of this remedy continuously at least for 40 days shall result magically and your eyes will become brighter and don’t need glasses.

Triphala Remedy
Triphala is very effective in the treatment of Tridosha (known as vata, pitta and kapha) and also it has been very effective to cure weak eyesight problem, eye disorders and hair problems too. Put or soak a teaspoon triphala powder into a glass of water and leave it for overnight. Next morning, fitter this water and wash your eyes with this water. You can keep fresh water in your mouth while washing your eyes with triphala water for getting tremendous improvements within a month.

Gooseberry (Amla)
Amla or gooseberry is the most effective one herb to cure eye disorders. It is rich in vitamin C. Drink fresh amla juice with honey in the morning daily. Or you may take a teaspoon of amla powder with water at night before sleeping. Amla could be the best tonic to stay healthy and improve your eyesight fast.

Carrot is one of those most effective home remedies that are much helpful in weak eyesight problem. It is rich in nutrients and vitamins; especially phosphorous, vitamin A, calcium and iron. You may take raw carrots as salad; or you can drink carrot juice daily to get better results. Carrots prevent night blindness and also protect the eyes.

Spinach contain vitamin A which aids in the preservation of the Cornea. Lutein and Zeaxanthin is a chemical compound found in spinach which guard our eyes against the harm of the ultra violet light
and thus develops healthy vision. For maintaining his eyes healthy, one should take spinach juice early morning on an empty stomach. It could also be consumed in the boiled, cooked or sautéed form with different dishes.

Wild Asparagus
Wild asparagus is commonly known as shatavari and is another excellent home remedy to improve eyesight. This medicinal herb is said to promote a long, healthy life of the eyes. Mix 1 teaspoon of wild asparagus with 1/2 teaspoon of honey. Take this mixture twice daily with a cup of warm cow’s milk. Continue this for a few months.

Milk, liquorice powder, clarified butter and honey
Take 1 cup of warm milk, Add 1/2 teaspoon of liquorice powder, Add 1/2 teaspoon clarified butter, Add 1 teaspoon honey. Mix these well and take this drink daily. For better results, drink it at bedtime. Continue this for 3 months.

Honey, onion and Lemon
Squeeze juices of onion and lemon and mix these juices with honey (Ratio 1:2:4). Keep the resultant contents in a neat bottle having a fixed dropper. Put 2-3 drops in each eye in the morning and night. These eye drops are curative and preventive in nature against the host of eye disorders apart from keeping the eyes lustrous, sparkling, neat and clean and above all it will improve your eye vision. If irritation occurs, drop only 1-2 drops of honey.

Healthy Diet
Take a diet high in vitamin A, B-complex, vitamin C, vitamin D and E, beta-carotene, amino acids, lutein and zeaxanthin, all of which keep eyes healthy. The chlorophyll in green leafy vegetables also helps inimproving eyesight. Have carrots, spinach, corn, beetroot, sweet potato, blueberries, broccoli, kale and other fresh green leafy vegetables in your meal. Fatty fish, eggs, nuts and seeds are also beneficial for eyes.

Black pepper
Black pepper plays an important role in supply of nutrients such as selenium, B vitamins and beta-carotene to eyes and all of these nutrients are associated with eye health. Honey mixed with black pepper powder could be taken daily for getting good eyesight. It can alternatively be taken along with clarified butter (desi ghee).

Coriander Eye Drop
Mix one part of sugar with three parts of coriander. Grind both of them to get its paste. Boil this paste in water and cover it for an hour. Take a clean cotton cloth and sieve this solution through this cloth. This should be used as eye-drop solution.

Honey And Cardamom
Take 1 tablespoon of honey mixed with a few cardamom seeds. This is another remedy that could be significantly beneficial to your eye.

Various nutrients like vitamins C, E, B6, beta carotene could be helpful to ensure you a good eyesight. It contains lutein which prevents the macular degeneration. The lutein compound also prevents cataract formation and other age related eye disease as well.

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