Home Remedies for Inflamed Vagina

Home Remedies for Inflamed Vagina
The patient, on average, has a discharge, itching, burning sensation, soreness while urinating and having sex, fishy odour, augmented vaginal discharge and at times bleeding and possibly pain as well. The cure for vaginitis depends on what has rooted the inflammation. Normally, it is associated to an irritation or infection of the vulva. Vaginitis is an exceptionally common problem. There are various natural remedies for the treatment of inflamed vagina or vaginitis problem. These remedies could put forward instant and enduring respite from the symptoms like itching, burning sensation and soreness while urinating etc.

Neem Powder
Neem has outstanding antibacterial properties and is at all times recommended in cases of dermatological problems. Taking neem powder could eradicate the bacteria from the vaginal site.

This natural herb helps take away toxins from the body.
One teaspoonful of tracheal dry leaves boiled in a cup of water could be taken as tea to wash out the toxins from your system. It will diminish the symptoms of the infection.

Oregano Oil
This oil has antifungal character and therefore can be used for the treatment of the inflamed vagina caused by fungal infections.
Take 500mg of oregano oil internally twice a day. Carry on the remedy until the infection totally takes back and you do not have itchy or burning sensation any longer.

Garlic develops the immune system of the body and helps the body to fight against the infections. Also, It has antiseptic and antibacterial character by which it helps to lessen the vaginal infections.
Consume 300mg of garlic supplements on a daily basis. Or otherwise, you may chew 3-4 cloves of raw garlic. Besides that, crush garlic to form a paste and apply it inside the vagina.

Vegetable Juice
Vegetable juice containing parsley, ginger and garlic along with green vegetables, also has useful effect of dropping pain and itching if you are already suffering from bacterial vaginitis problem.

Consuming as well as applying yoghurt in the vagina could diminish the bacterial infection in the vagina which usually causes inflamed vagina. The bacteria present in the yoghurt kill all the dreadful bacteria in the body and uphold the growth of good bacteria. Consume two cups of yoghurt daily and also apply fresh yoghurt within your vagina every few hours for best results.

Chamomile Tea Bags
Chamomile provides a soothing sensation to the irritated skin and thus helps in relieving the inflammation. It has antiseptic properties too. Keep on using this remedy for two weeks in order to cure the inflammation and irritation completely.

Take a glass of hot water and soak chamomile tea bags in it. Let the bags remain in the water for two minutes. Now, allow the bags to cool and after then, apply the bags inside the vagina. Squeeze the bags so that the liquid spreads inside the vagina and starts its healing action.

Cranberry Juice
Cranberry is acidic in nature and helps to make the vagina acidic and thereby stops the growth of bacteria. Cranberry juice is found effective for treating urinary tract infections (UTI).
Drink at least 1 glass of cranberry juice daily in order to make vagina free from bacterial infections. It will not only ease the inflamed vagina, but also helps to put off infections.

Cold Compress
Take an ice cube and apply it directly on the vagina. If you feel it too cold, bind the ice in a piece of cloth and apply it to the affected area. Cold compress is the best way to trim down the inflammation due to Vaginitis. Cold compress helps to anesthetized the area and thus ease the inflammation.

If you have relentless vaginal infections, consume about 500mg doses of Echinacea four times a day. Echinacea could improve your immune power and help to fight infections more efficiently. It would speed up the healing process.

Vitamin C
It is advised to consume 1000mg of vitamin C three times a day in order to get rid of vaginitis faster. You may also take vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables in your diet, if you are suffering from inflamed vagina problem. Vitamin C also makes the immune system stronger. As a result, the infections in the body get diminished.

Turmeric and Milk
Take mixture of a glass of milk and 1 teaspoon of turmeric twice daily to cure the inflamed vagina. Turmeric has antibacterial property and therefore, helps in treating vaginal infections and other infections as well.

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