Home Remedies For Moisturizing Skin

Home Remedies For Moisturizing Skin
A moisturizer is very useful for keeping our skin beautiful. Daily use of a moisturizer can make our skin glow and could provide deep hydration. UV rays of the sun, in dry winter season, may cause lot of damage to the skin making it very dry. And this dryness further leads to itchiness, dry patches and many other skin related problems. If you moisturize your skin daily, your skin will remain protected against these problems.
You may use some natural ingredients available at your household in order to get your face looking radiant and well-moisturized. Before moisturizing your face, you should wash and clean your face first.
Here are the way how you can moisturize your face naturally-


Cream or Butter Milk and Cold Milk
Apply some cold cream or malai on your face. And leave it for 15 minutes. Now, wash your face with plain water. You may also mix a tablespoon lemon with it.

Butter milk get easily absorbed by the skin and thus makes it smooth and soft as well. Besides this it keeps away wrinkles and gives ample of moisture to the skin. It also help us to remove dry and dead skin cells and thus make it look younger and fresher.

Milk cream could also give fairness and can keep away dark circles and skin tan. This is found to be one of the perfect home remedies for moisturizing dry skin.

Always use fresh whole milk or cream as a make-up remover and moisturizer.

Apply cold milk on your face and massage gently. You may wash off the milk with warm water and allow the skin to air dry.

Cold milk get easily absorbed by the skin pores and provides a lot of moisture to the skin.

Honey contains antioxidants and also has anti-microbial properties. Thus, it maintains moisture of your skin.
Mingle 2 tbsp. honey with 2 tsp. milk and flat it on your face for 10 minutes.
You may simply put honey all over your face and leave it for 15 minutes or more before taking a bath.
You may also mix 2 tablespoons of honey in the same amount of water together and then apply this content to your face for 10 minutes.

Avocados have high amounts of vitamin A, D and E and fats in them. These nutrients are very important for keeping the skin moisturized and also to trim down wrinkles.
In order to get the moisturizing benefits from avocados, just mash one up and apply on your face leaving it for 15 minutes and then wash it completely.

Yoghurt and papaya
Mix half a cup of yoghurt with three tablespoons of mashed papaya, add a few drops each of honey and lemon juice to it. Put it on your skin and then leave it for 10 minutes. Now, wash it off with the help of cold water. Do this once a week.

Take the inner side of a banana peel and rub gently over your skin for some minutes, then allow banana nutrients to stay there on your skin for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the skin with the help of lukewarm water. The natural oils contained in banana and its peel would supply nutrients to your skin and will deeply moisturize it.

Strawberry cream
Cut some strawberries and mash their pieces well. Now, mix 1 spoon of lemon juice and half a cup of curd or cream to them. Cool the final mixture in a fridge for half an hour. Apply this mix throughout your face and neck, then leave it for 20 minutes. After this 20 minutes, remove this mask with the help of some scrubbing. Scrub your face gently.

Olive Oil and Egg
Mix some honey and egg yolk in olive oil together. Put it on your face with lukewarm water and just leave it for 10-15 minutes. It could help to bring back your lost moisture and glow.

Get Moisture with Oil
You can massage your skin with Olive oil for a couple of minutes and then wash. You may leave it overnight and then take a shower the next day early in the morning for fresh skin. Rubbing olive oil on your skin every day and night would help to protect your skin and to keep its moisture for a long period.

Almond oil is found to be very rich in vitamin A and vitamin E. It has also an amazing fragrance and do great as a moisturizer for skin. Just apply it generously on your skin and leave it for 5-10 minutes. It would give you smooth skin and moisturize your skin.

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