How to prevent Vaginitis

How to prevent Vaginitis

Good hygiene can help prevent bacterial Vaginitis. Avoid douching to help keep bacteria balanced in the vagina and reduce the risk of bacterial Vaginitis.

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Avoid Whirlpool Spas
Fine hygiene could help to alleviate the symptoms and to put off certain types of vaginitis as well. Always rinse the genital area with soap after the shower. Dry the area very well; otherwise moisture endorses the growth of fungus. Do not use soaps with deodorant or antibacterial action.

Wipe From Front to Back
After using the toilet, always wipe from front to back so as to prevent the spreading of the fecal bacteria to the vaginal area.

Don’t Douche
Your vagina doesn’t need too much clean-up. Only normal bathing is sufficient to keep the vagina clean. Just use plain water and fragrance-free soap to clean the vaginal area regularly. Do not rinse the vagina more than once a day. Douching upsets the PH of the vagina and kills the good bacteria dwelling inside the vagina. It increases the peril of infections.

Use Male Condoms
Using a male latex condom could stop the increase of infections by sexual contact. Use male condoms during intercourse for this will avoid bacterial infections and other sexually transmissible diseases.

Wear Cotton Underwear
Cotton underwear helps to keep the vaginal region dry. This will also avoid the growth of bacteria and yeast. Wear cotton underwear and pantyhose with a cotton crotch. Change the cotton underwear twice in a day so as to keep the vaginal area dry and free from infections.

Avoid the Use of Irritants
Fragranced pads, toilet papers, female creams and sprays and tampons may cause irritation and inflammation of the vagina. Regularly, change the pads during menstruation. Also, shun the use of tampons or change the tampons as recommended.

Use Water Based Lubricants
If you are experiencing dryness in the vagina, always use vaginal moisturizers before having sex. Always use water based lubricants to stop irritation of the vaginal lining.

Avoid Sexual Intercourse
If you are suffering from inflamed vagina problem, it is necessitated to stay away from sexual intercourse till the infections and irritations of the vagina get reduced. Sexual intercourse may worsen the inflamed vagina.

Don’t Scratch
In no way, try to rub the affected area as scratching may irritate the skin more, and thus causing swelling of the area.

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