Symptoms Of Inflamed Vagina

Inflamed Vagina
Vaginitis connotes inflammation of the vagina. In nearly all cases it is caused by a fungal infection. The vagina has its own chemical balance. Whenever this chemical balance is perturbed as a result of some reason, the lining of the vagina befalls inflamed and swollen, this state of the vagina is known as inflamed vagina or vaginitis. It may happen in women as well as in girls of all ages. It is completely curable. Inflammation to this sensitive area may cause further symptoms, including itching, discharge, tenderness, and pain during urination, ache during intercourse, or minor occurrences of bleeding or spotting. There could be different types of vaginitis owing to various reasons.

Inflamed Vagina

Symptoms Of Inflamed Vagina
Viginitis’ general symptoms include itching, smell, irritation and whitish discharge from the vagina. These symptoms mostly arise in vaginitis attributable to bacterial infection. Itching and burning sensation is common in urination and sexual intercourse.

Inflamed vagina attributable to trichomoniasis is said to be more rigorous in some women while some may not undergo any symptoms at all. This kind of infection roots yellow-green discharge come with an obnoxious smell.
Inflamed vagina caused by yeast infection makes the labia or the vaginal lips swell and red.

Vaginitis caused by irritants or allergies leads to mild to relentless itching and burning sensation of the vagina. Vaginal discharge would not happen in this case.

Atrophic vaginitis shows the symptoms like dry, stinging vaginas which may be red and irritated. In a small amount, bleeding and watery discharge also take place irregularly.

The Causes of Inflamed Vagina
The most familiar source of vaginal infections is bacteria. Bacterial vaginosis develops when there occur disproportions in the levels of bacteria that are generally present in the vagina. Women who are pregnant or those who practice regular douching may be at a top risk of getting this infection. The utilization of intrauterine devices is also a risk factor. Several sexual partners or sexual relations with a new partner may also make a woman horizontal to bacterial vaginosis. Women who have never been engaged in sexual intercourse are not likely to get concerned. Bacterial vaginosis could not spread through swimming pools, bed linen or toilet seats. There could be dissimilar causes for inflamed vagina among women. A range of causes include the following :-
• Yeast infection principally caused by Candida albicans.
• Inappropriate hygiene
• Alteration in the pH balance of the vagina
• Hormonal changes take place
• A few chemical factors such as tampons, vaginal wash, antibiotics, birth control pills.
• Use of foreign bodies like condoms , tampons etc
• Diabetes
• Tight garments
• Irritation due to condoms, spermicides, douches, lubricants and even from semen
• A bacterial infection attributable to Gardnerella, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Campylobacter, parasites, herpes and Mycoplasma.

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