Symptoms Of Itching Eyes

Itching Eyes
Any unpleasant itchy sensation in and around the eyes is considered as an itchy eye. Itching eyes are, in fact, a symptom of an underlying cause and it is a common problem. Though itching eyes do not cause any threat to eyesight, they could be a source of irritation and anxiety for patients. It could affect the day- to- day life of a person. It gets worse during the pollen season or in the highly – polluted environment. This is seen very commonly in people suffering from allergy. For its treatment, it is necessary to find out the underlying cause of itchiness.
Itching Eyes
Causes of Itching Eyes
• Allergies to pollen can be a cause of allergic conjunctivitis causing redness and itching
• Dryness of the eyes
• Asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema can also cause itching of the eyes
• Contact lenses and indecent hygiene while using contact lenses may induce conjunctivitis and itching
• Bacterial infections could also be responsible for this.
• Sensitivity to certain cosmetic products could also cause itching
• Triggers like warm climate and pet dander can increases the itching of the eyes

Symptoms Of Itching Eyes
These are some important symptoms of the itchy eyes-
• Continuous itchiness in the eyes
• Burning sensation of the eye
• Runny eyes
• Inflamed eyelids
• Inflammation of conjunctiva
• Red and irritated eyes and eyelids
• Discharge from the eye
• Sensitivity to light
Usually antihistamine drops are used to get relief eye itching caused by allergy. There are many home remedies available to ease the redness and itching of the eyes caused through different reasons or triggers. The best method to control itchiness in the eyes is to avoid allergens.

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