Symptoms Of Under Eye Bags

Under Eye Bags
As we get older, the fight that our body put against gravity is gradually started to lose out. Our skin has a natural elasticity factor. As we get older, the elasticity starts to lose out. The fat is one of the reasons behind the skin start to droop and hence the skin elasticity wears off and consequently, the skin start to sag. Under eye bags are a common but an inevitable sign of aging. The healthy skin and the tight muscles hold the fat back when we are young. As we grow older, we lose out the fight against gravity and as a result we end up with swollen bags that outline our eyes. There could be many reasons for which one can develop under eye bags. As per the cause, the symptoms vary. There are some simple home remedies that one can way out in order to make those under eye bags away.

Under Eye Bags
Causes Of Under Eye Bags
Besides gravity working on our skin and the aging process becoming evident, there could be some other causes that can lead to under eye bags:
• It could be due to the diet that you follow – when one follows a crash diet and restricts himself to the amount of fat and carbs intake to, it may effects with tired and baggy eyes.
• The way one sleeps could also lead to under eye bags
• Allergies could also lead to swollen eyes or eyes that have bags under them
• Cold or a sinus infection could also lead to water build up under the eyes
• If one consumes salty food or spends a night crying, it could lead to bulging under the eyes as a result of osmosis

Symptoms Of Under Eye Bags
The symptoms of under eye bags are usually common and do not have any pain or discomfort with them:
• The skin under the eye become swollen
• The skin is layered and dark in appearance
• The eyes look tired due to the under eye bags

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